Most Common Problems Recruiters Face In Online Interviews And How To Avoid Them

Almost all interviews are now held online, and we're creating new-normal interview habits. Our business, education, and simply every aspect of our daily lives, are being held online more than ever. That’s why we created some easy tips for your virtual interviews so you can ace your meetings!

1 – Setting A Proper Meeting 

When you shortlist the candidates for the opening, it is important to set a clear time for the interview. If there will be a manager besides you and the candidate, scheduling the right date will become a hard task. Make a note of every available date for the intended period, also make sure that your interviews are not being set at the same time. Also If it’s required or wanted, you may add the list of the people who may want to join this interview as well.

Need help during this stage? You can set and organize your meetings from a calendar with the Interview Recorder App. You can see the date and time of each interview, also your available times when a meeting will be rescheduled.  Just take a look at your calendar, plan your calls, and focus on meetings without worrying about meeting time and date.

2 – Sending Out An Invitation

Make sure the candidate who needs to participate in this interview is informed and set the time according to their availability. After setting this, send everyone an invitation that includes: 

  • Date & Time: Write down the meeting day and time. If there are any time differences, inform the participants.
  • Meeting purpose: You can write the position’s name, which interview stage they are in. 
  • Participants: If anyone is joining this interview other than you and the candidate, you should introduce them by mentioning their names and positions.
  • How they can join: Since it is an online interview, you should inform them how they can join. If they need to download an app beforehand, this could save time for everyone.

    There’s an easy solution for this stage too, if you download the Interview Recorder App, you can invite anyone with just a link. This app works without the need for everyone to download the app.

    Send an invitation link and start meetings easily and fast. You won’t have to ask each candidate about which meeting software they’re using or which app/program they need to download before the interview. Interview Recorder makes setting and joining meetings easier for everyone!

3 – Preparing The Right Interview Questions

If you are interviewing for the job openings you are not proficient at, it could be tricky to determine the right qualification. Before the meeting, you should do proper research and learn the position’s requirements from the department manager. After you learn the requirements of the position, it would be easier for you to prepare accurate questions. There are quick solutions for this need of human resources too, for example, Interview Recording allows you to take notes and leave a review for your every meeting. You can also record and share your meetings easily with a tap!

4 – After The Interview

As human resources, you may have meetings with different people in a row. Until you finish your interview process, create a shortlist, and start making your hiring decisions, it may take days or weeks for this operation to end. The best way to make this operation easier without leaving anything to miss out, you can record your interviews and watch them over anytime you need to.

You can watch the reactions, answers, and personality of your candidate and make your hiring decision accordingly. Also, if you need the interview dialogue in a written form, Interview Recorder can be your go-to app for transcribing your meetings too.

5- Shortlist

Now, this is the final and maybe the most important stage of the process. You asked all your questions and took notes of the responses. Once you have the shortlist, evaluate them and inform your selection committee. It is important to make your preferred position based on how good you think the person will be at performing the role.

While there are several ways to record your interviews, Interview Recorder makes it very easy to record your meetings. The app not just works as an interview recorder, you can set, organize, review, share and invite anyone with a link.

Finally, you are ready!

Don’t let it slide off your head if this is a virtual meeting, you need to be prepared earlier. Get ready in advance. To make all this a lot easier, Madduck designed the perfect app for you. Interview & Meeting Recorder helps you organize all of your meetings in one place. Also, you can make and record your meetings without the need for the other party to install anything. 

Just download the Interview & Meeting Recorder and enjoy the meetings without any burden!

Interview & Meeting Recorder App

Record your meetings without a time limit!


Online interviews and meetings are now a big part of our life.

And in that sea of online activity, you might need to record your online meetings whether you are a student who has meetings with a professor or an employer who has an interview with a candidate.

Madduck designed the perfect app for all your meeting recording needs: Meet Interview and Meeting Recorder.

Just like its sister app, Call Recorder Save & Listen,  Interview Recorder is designed to meet both your professional and personal needs. An essential part of the ‘new normal’ is that almost all of our interviews and meetings switched to online and not being able to share the same physical space brings some big challenges. One of the most important ones is the difficulty to focus when you engage in a series of interviews one after the other. This lack of focus can cause to miss some important parts of the meeting and/or make it hard to remember some details.  But do not worry, Madduck has it covered!

With Interview & Meeting Recorder, you can organize and record your meetings easily can rewatch or relisten when you need to. Interview & Meeting Recorder supports all kinds of devices which means that you can use it on your computer, phone, or tablet!



Here are some of the main features of Interview &

Meeting Recorder:


Flawless Recording Quality Without Time Limit

Online meetings sometimes come with some static or background noise but with Interview & Meeting Recorder App, you are assured to have crisp and high-quality sound. You can record your meetings with high quality and without worrying about the time limit!

Audio to Text

Transcription has never been this easy! If you need to see or make sure you didn’t miss anything in that important meeting, you can turn to your recordings to text with just a few taps /clicks on your device.

Share & Organize Your Recordings

After a long meeting, you can organize your recordings with tags and rename your recordings. You can also share the recorded sound or video easily. It is a useful feature if you have a regular session with your patients, customers, tutors, or candidate interviews.

Advanced Search

If you are too busy to organize your recordings, Madduck got that covered for you as well! With the Advanced Search feature, you can just type a few words you pronounced during your meeting to find relevant recordings.

Secure Your Meetings

Some meetings may include sensitive information. With Interview Recorder, you can secure your recordings with Face or TouchID with a tap.

Easy access

You can use the Interview & Meeting Recorder App with Apple Watch and iMessage Apps as well. With App Clip and Widgets, you can start recording your calls even without opening or better, downloading the app!

Background play

You’ll never know when you are going to need this feature but it sure makes it easier to multitask. You can close the app and continue to listen to your recording along the way.

Fast support

Any issues with the app? Just say the word and our support team will come to the rescue. Do you like it?