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Art medıtatıon: calm colorıng 

While living in a buzzing, stressful world all the time, you may want something to take away you from your worries. Especially when you feel stuck or suffer from creative block, it is important to take your mind off of things. With Art Meditation app, you can boost your creativity with mandala arts.

call recorder: save & listen

You may want to record your calls for many reasons: it can be a call with a client for which you wish to record not to miss any details, or simply a conversation with a loved one to come back to later. However there's no possible way to do this from your iPhone by default... 

ınterview & meetıng recorder

Record your meetings without a time limit! Online meetings and interviews are now a big part of our life. And in that sea of online activity, you might need to record your online meetings whether you're a student or who has meetings with a professor or an employer who has an interview with candidates....