Record your meetings without a time limit!


Online interviews and meetings are now a big part of our life.

And in that sea of online activity, you might need to record your online meetings whether you are a student who has meetings with a professor or an employer who has an interview with a candidate.

Madduck designed the perfect app for all your meeting recording needs: Meet Interview and Meeting Recorder.

Just like its sister app, Call Recorder Save & Listen,  Interview Recorder is designed to meet both your professional and personal needs. An essential part of the ‘new normal’ is that almost all of our interviews and meetings switched to online and not being able to share the same physical space brings some big challenges. One of the most important ones is the difficulty to focus when you engage in a series of interviews one after the other. This lack of focus can cause to miss some important parts of the meeting and/or make it hard to remember some details.  But do not worry, Madduck has it covered!

With Interview & Meeting Recorder, you can organize and record your meetings easily can rewatch or relisten when you need to. Interview & Meeting Recorder supports all kinds of devices which means that you can use it on your computer, phone, or tablet!



Here are some of the main features of Interview &

Meeting Recorder:


Flawless Recording Quality Without Time Limit

Online meetings sometimes come with some static or background noise but with Interview & Meeting Recorder App, you are assured to have crisp and high-quality sound. You can record your meetings with high quality and without worrying about the time limit!

Audio to Text

Transcription has never been this easy! If you need to see or make sure you didn’t miss anything in that important meeting, you can turn to your recordings to text with just a few taps /clicks on your device.

Share & Organize Your Recordings

After a long meeting, you can organize your recordings with tags and rename your recordings. You can also share the recorded sound or video easily. It is a useful feature if you have a regular session with your patients, customers, tutors, or candidate interviews.

Advanced Search

If you are too busy to organize your recordings, Madduck got that covered for you as well! With the Advanced Search feature, you can just type a few words you pronounced during your meeting to find relevant recordings.

Secure Your Meetings

Some meetings may include sensitive information. With Interview Recorder, you can secure your recordings with Face or TouchID with a tap.

Easy access

You can use the Interview & Meeting Recorder App with Apple Watch and iMessage Apps as well. With App Clip and Widgets, you can start recording your calls even without opening or better, downloading the app!

Background play

You’ll never know when you are going to need this feature but it sure makes it easier to multitask. You can close the app and continue to listen to your recording along the way.

Fast support

Any issues with the app? Just say the word and our support team will come to the rescue. Do you like it?


  1. Meeting Recorder app: I have a lot of Zoom meetings- I’m not concerned about the video but I would really like to be able to re-listen to the audio, as I am not a good student. Can this app be the answer I’m looking for?

    1. Hello, Boyce. You can record sound or video from your video calls with Meeting Recorder. To have the experience, you can download and use the app during the free trial and see how it works for you. We’re wishing good luck with your school endeavors! -madduck team

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