4 Reasons Why Coloring Reduce Stress

We may face stress and anxiety in almost every part of our life, and we need time and tools to leave them behind. Coloring might prove to be a very easy tool to get away from our daily stress. How can coloring reduce stress? Let’s find out together!

How does coloring can change mood & emotions?

 1- Being present and staying in the now

Like meditation, coloring also helps people to focus on one thing and it is known that focusing reduces stress levels: According to an article published in American Art Therapy Association Journal, coloring complex designs like mandalas can reduce anxiety by creating a meditative state.* When your mind doesn't go back and forth between past and future, you can just focus on one thing. Coloring helps your mind to let off some unnecessary worries and let them rest a bit. While you are focused on color between the lines, you may find yourself feeling relieved, and leave the heaviness of your thoughts.

2- Improves Self-knowledge

When you are aware of your feelings, you may want to show them with colors.  Just like you are focusing on the creative activity, you can start to feel more aware of yourself and your surroundings, and coloring helps with that too.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, Mandala is used for a spiritual and religious process of meditation. It is believed to be a tool for raising awareness and ultimately understanding oneself’s purpose in this world.

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 3- Making things in an orderly way

Routine is very calming: doing mundane things like cleaning your kitchen sink, folding laundry, or doing the dishes might give you some time off from other worries because you find yourself in a familiar activity. Since coloring is a thing that most of us did when we were children, it can have the same effect. Coloring mandalas can give you the same feeling of accomplishment or completeness. 

4- Improves your motor skills

While coloring is a good and simple activity, it also improves motor skills and vision. Especially when you are trying to color inside the lines, it requires some focus and motor skills. Looking at the colors, choosing them is going to improve your vision and let you relax through this creative activity. 

Truth be told, reducing stress is not a one-way road. There are many ways for reaching meditative state or reducing anxiety. If you think that coloring is your way to get away from your daily stress, Madduck designed the perfect app for you.

Get Art Meditation: Calm Coloring app, make mandala coloring with inspiring music anywhere you want. Download now and leave all the stress behind.

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Most Common Problems Recruiters Face In Online Interviews And How To Avoid Them

Almost all interviews are now held online, and we're creating new-normal interview habits. Our business, education, and simply every aspect of our daily lives, are being held online more than ever. That’s why we created some easy tips for your virtual interviews so you can ace your meetings!

1 – Setting A Proper Meeting 

When you shortlist the candidates for the opening, it is important to set a clear time for the interview. If there will be a manager besides you and the candidate, scheduling the right date will become a hard task. Make a note of every available date for the intended period, also make sure that your interviews are not being set at the same time. Also If it’s required or wanted, you may add the list of the people who may want to join this interview as well.

Need help during this stage? You can set and organize your meetings from a calendar with the Interview Recorder App. You can see the date and time of each interview, also your available times when a meeting will be rescheduled.  Just take a look at your calendar, plan your calls, and focus on meetings without worrying about meeting time and date.

2 – Sending Out An Invitation

Make sure the candidate who needs to participate in this interview is informed and set the time according to their availability. After setting this, send everyone an invitation that includes: 

  • Date & Time: Write down the meeting day and time. If there are any time differences, inform the participants.
  • Meeting purpose: You can write the position’s name, which interview stage they are in. 
  • Participants: If anyone is joining this interview other than you and the candidate, you should introduce them by mentioning their names and positions.
  • How they can join: Since it is an online interview, you should inform them how they can join. If they need to download an app beforehand, this could save time for everyone.

    There’s an easy solution for this stage too, if you download the Interview Recorder App, you can invite anyone with just a link. This app works without the need for everyone to download the app.

    Send an invitation link and start meetings easily and fast. You won’t have to ask each candidate about which meeting software they’re using or which app/program they need to download before the interview. Interview Recorder makes setting and joining meetings easier for everyone!

3 – Preparing The Right Interview Questions

If you are interviewing for the job openings you are not proficient at, it could be tricky to determine the right qualification. Before the meeting, you should do proper research and learn the position’s requirements from the department manager. After you learn the requirements of the position, it would be easier for you to prepare accurate questions. There are quick solutions for this need of human resources too, for example, Interview Recording allows you to take notes and leave a review for your every meeting. You can also record and share your meetings easily with a tap!

4 – After The Interview

As human resources, you may have meetings with different people in a row. Until you finish your interview process, create a shortlist, and start making your hiring decisions, it may take days or weeks for this operation to end. The best way to make this operation easier without leaving anything to miss out, you can record your interviews and watch them over anytime you need to.

You can watch the reactions, answers, and personality of your candidate and make your hiring decision accordingly. Also, if you need the interview dialogue in a written form, Interview Recorder can be your go-to app for transcribing your meetings too.

5- Shortlist

Now, this is the final and maybe the most important stage of the process. You asked all your questions and took notes of the responses. Once you have the shortlist, evaluate them and inform your selection committee. It is important to make your preferred position based on how good you think the person will be at performing the role.

While there are several ways to record your interviews, Interview Recorder makes it very easy to record your meetings. The app not just works as an interview recorder, you can set, organize, review, share and invite anyone with a link.

Finally, you are ready!

Don’t let it slide off your head if this is a virtual meeting, you need to be prepared earlier. Get ready in advance. To make all this a lot easier, Madduck designed the perfect app for you. Interview & Meeting Recorder helps you organize all of your meetings in one place. Also, you can make and record your meetings without the need for the other party to install anything. 

Just download the Interview & Meeting Recorder and enjoy the meetings without any burden!

5 Reasons Why You Should Record Your Calls

We are spending more and more time on the phone as the cost of doing so decreases over time.


Most mobile plans now include unlimited call times and SMS which reduces any incentive to keep calls short and to the point. And the longer a call, the more the conversation can be intricate and therefore valuable.

In short, whether it's business or personal,  it's a smart move to record your calls and safely store them. Here are the top 5 reasons to do so.

1 – Learning Purposes

If you talk with clients and candidates a lot, learning might be your primary reason to record your calls. Listening to previous calls can improve your learning about the client’s/candidates' point of view and help you highlight the main topics of your conversation. It is like having a live survey. Having an insight into your regular phone calls could be a great learning and improvement opportunity for yourself, as well as your business.

 2 – Prevention of Potential Business Disputes 

For business-related phone conversations, you should definitely record your calls to avoid unwanted and potential disputes. A business call can take a long time and include lots of valuable information as well as intricate details of a deal. Recording these calls simply avoids the “he said/she said” arguments can prove very effective to prevent any potential disputes by proving what has been said during the call.

3- Proof of Harassment & Threat

We hope it never happens but this is life. You could be threatened or harassed by someone over the phone which can be very hard emotionally. And if you can’t convince the authorities about your case, it could take a long time to resolve. The ability to record these undesired calls could be by itself psychologically relieving and could help you convince the authorities or relatives even if it is not legally binding. 


4 - Record What You Missed / Lost / Love

It might be hard to talk to your loved ones often for particular reasons. Pictures or videos you recorded when you were together are great ways to remember them. But recording your recent calls can also help if you are far away for long stretches of time. Wouldn't it be great to record a conversation with grandma where she shares her experiences about what you are going through, or just recall the time when your mom was your age? In any case, you can create powerful memories with your loved ones, keep them and relisten them whenever you like.

5 – Transcribe your interviews

If you are a journalist or working in a field where you need to interview a lot of people and then put your conversation in text. Call Recorder Save & Listen can be a lifesaver. With its transcription ability, you can use this app to have all your conversations in writing with a few taps. This allows you to focus on the conversation and enables you to ask compelling questions to the interviewer, instead of trying to take notes and ask questions at the same time. It is also a lifesaver to track what has been said between the lines and capture the essence of the conversation correctly.

Instead of trying to take notes and ask questions at the same time. It is also a lifesaver to track what has been said between the lines and capture the essence of the conversation correctly.

Call Recorder Save & Listen enables to record both incoming and outgoing calls without a time limit. It can also transcribe any conversation you recorded with a few taps. 

For a full feature, list visit our AppStore page and download to try!

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Call Recorder: Save & listen

You may want to record your calls for many reasons:

it can be a call with a client for which you wish to record not to miss any details, or simply a conversation with a loved one to come back to later.

However there is no possible way to do this on iPhone by default, and you need an app for that! With Call Recorder Save & Listen you can record your calls without any time limit...

For personal or business purposes.

Call Recorder Save & Listen is safe and easy to use for both incoming and outgoing calls. Just enter the phone number that you’d like to call in the app. The app will automatically call the number for recording purposes and then merge it with you’re your correspondent.

Just like that, you can record your calls.

We have designed the Call Recorder with different scenarios in mind and added a wide spectrum of features to cater to every case. For example, if you have sensitive information in your recordings, you can add a passcode on your “Records” screen. Or if you need a transcription of a conversation for your records, we have that covered too with just a few taps.

Here are the main features of the Call Recorder App

Organize your recordings

People may need to record their calls for both pleasure and professional reasons. If you are a power user who uses Call recorder for both purposes, you may need to rename your recording at some point. With Call Recorder Save & Listen you can rename any call easilşy so that you don’t end up with a bunch of file names comprised of dates and time stamps. You can also favorite the ones which are important for easy access later.

Advanced search

Organizing or renaming files is not your cup of tea? No worries! If you want to find a specific recording, our advanced search feature is here to the rescue. Just type a keyword you pronounced during your call and let the advanced search all do to work. With its automated word finder, Call Recorder can filter and find the recording that you are looking for!

Easy access

You can use Call Recorder with Apple Watch and iMessage Apps as well. With App Clip and Widgets, you can start recording your calls even without opening or better, downloading the app!

Background play

You’ll never know when you are going to need this feature but it sure makes it easier to multitasking. You can close the app and you can still listen to your recording along the way.

Fast support

Any issues with the app? Just say the word and our support team will come to the rescue.

Clear recording without a buzz

With clear recording, you are not missing any word to that important call! You can just listen to your recordings without any buzzing sound in the background.

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