Coloring with calming music

While living in a buzzing, stressful world all the time, you may want something to take away you from your worries. Especially when you feel stuck or suffer from creative block, it is important to take your mind off of things. With Art Meditation App, you can boost your creativity with mandala arts and calm your soul with music.


Joy is within the simplest things!

You don’t need to be in kindergarten to enjoy a little bit of coloring and you don’t need to be an artist to appreciate art. Discover an enlightened world with mandalas and resonate with your inner child by coloring.

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How does coloring can change mood & emotions?

According to the research made by the University of West England coloring reduces stress and improves creativity. Colouring generates mindfulness and helps to improve your vision.

Like this research, many other research show that people often associate emotions with colors. This is why coloring helps people improve focusing and reduces anxiety and depression. With calming sounds, coloring may be even a better therapy to get away from the stress of your everyday life and connect with your spiritual being.

So let go of the stress and enjoy this beautiful activity! Whether you feel stuck about your art block, work project, or school homework Art Meditation is going to help you out to ease the stress.

Why this is meditating?

In Hinduism and Buddhism, Mandala is used for a spiritual and religious process of meditation. It is believed to be a tool for raising awareness and ultimately understanding oneself’s purpose in this world.

Art Meditation, the latest app from Madduck, lets you dive into the wonderful world of mandala art! Kids or adults, just anyone can relax with Art Meditation after a long, stressful day. It also contains relaxing music that helps you focus on your coloring.

And share your work! Connect both your inner self and your loved ones with art. Boost your creativity and heal your spirit!

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