Small but talented team is on its way to conquer the world.

We were established in August 2018 in Istanbul with the vision of developing mobile products to global markets.

We have developed 7 mobile applications since the day we were founded and reached 2.7 million users from 87 different countries.

First of all, we focused on the productivity category and worked hard to make the mobile applications we produce become the best among the competitors in all over the world. We have reached the 1st place in the app store listings in 30 different countries and won the satisfaction of our users with an average of 4.3 ratings.

We have started to develop mobile applications for social, entertainment and game categories by adding new focus areas to our vision.

We are still excited to be able to do business worldwide with a small but very talented team.


If you’d like to talk about a project, ask some questions, or just want to say hi, don’t hesitate and get in touch!


0212 483 72 44
Çifte Havuzlar Mah. Eski Londra Asfaltı Cad. Yıldız Teknik Universitesi TeknoPark D2 Block No:151 / 1F /1B08
İstanbul, Turkey