5 Reasons Why Recording Your Call Is A Smart Move

We are spending more and more time on the phone as the cost of doing so decreases over time. Most mobile plans now include unlimited call times and SMS which reduces any incentive to keep calls short and to the point. And the longer a call, the more the conversation can be intricate and therefore valuable.

In short, whether it's business or personal,  it's a smart move to record your calls and safely store them. Here are top 5 reasons to do so.


1 – Learning Purposes

If you talk with clients and candidates a lot, learning might be your primary reason to record your calls. Listening to previous calls can improve your learning about the client’s/candidates' point of view and help you highlight the main topics of your conversation. It is like having a live survey. Having an insight into your regular phone calls could be a great learning and improvement opportunity for yourself, as well as your business. 


2 – Prevention of Potential Business Disputes 

For business-related phone conversations, you should definitely record your calls to avoid unwanted and potential disputes. A business call can take a long time and include lots of valuable information as well as intricate details of a deal. Recording these calls simply avoids the “he said/she said” arguments can prove very effective to prevent any potential disputes by proving what has been said during the call.


3- Proof of Harassment & Threat

We hope it never happens but this is life. You could be threatened or harassed by someone over the phone which can be very hard emotionally. And if you can’t  convince the authorities about your case, it could take a long time to resolve. The ability to record these undesired calls could be by itself psychologically relieving and could help you convince the authorities or relatives even if it is not legally binding.


4 - Record What You Missed / Lost / Love

It might be hard to talk to your loved ones often for particular reasons. Pictures or videos you recorded when you were together are great ways to remember them. But recording your recent calls can also help if you are far away for long stretches of time. Wouldn't it be great to record a conversation with grandma where she shares her experiences about what you are going through, or just recalling the time when your mom was your age? In any case, you can create powerful memories with your loved ones, keep them and relisten whenever you like.


5 – Transcribe your interviews

If you are a journalist or working in a field where you need to interview a lot of people and then put your conversation in text. Call Recorder Save & Listen can be a lifesaver. With its transcription ability, you can use this app to have all your conversations in writing with a few taps. This allows you to focus on the conversation and enables you to ask compelling questions to the interviewee instead of trying to take notes and ask questions at the same time. It is also a lifesaver to track what has been said between the lines and capture the essence of the conversation correctly.


We could give you a lot of other cases where recording your calls might be useful but these five alone are enough to give a general idea. It’s up to you to imagine how you can leverage this technology to suit your needs.

Call Recorder Save & Listen enables to record both incoming and outgoing calls without a time limit. It can also transcribe any conversation you recorded with a few taps. 


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