We may face stress and anxiety in almost every part of our life, and we need time and tools to leave them behind. Coloring might prove to be a very easy tool to get away from our daily stress. How can coloring reduce stress? Let’s find out together!

How does coloring can change mood & emotions?

 1- Being present and staying in the now

Like meditation, coloring also helps people to focus on one thing and it is known that focusing reduces stress levels: According to an article published in American Art Therapy Association Journal, coloring complex designs like mandalas can reduce anxiety by creating a meditative state.* When your mind doesn't go back and forth between past and future, you can just focus on one thing. Coloring helps your mind to let off some unnecessary worries and let them rest a bit. While you are focused on color between the lines, you may find yourself feeling relieved, and leave the heaviness of your thoughts.

2- Improves Self-knowledge

When you are aware of your feelings, you may want to show them with colors.  Just like you are focusing on the creative activity, you can start to feel more aware of yourself and your surroundings, and coloring helps with that too.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, Mandala is used for a spiritual and religious process of meditation. It is believed to be a tool for raising awareness and ultimately understanding oneself’s purpose in this world.

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 3- Making things in an orderly way

Routine is very calming: doing mundane things like cleaning your kitchen sink, folding laundry, or doing the dishes might give you some time off from other worries because you find yourself in a familiar activity. Since coloring is a thing that most of us did when we were children, it can have the same effect. Coloring mandalas can give you the same feeling of accomplishment or completeness. 

4- Improves your motor skills

While coloring is a good and simple activity, it also improves motor skills and vision. Especially when you are trying to color inside the lines, it requires some focus and motor skills. Looking at the colors, choosing them is going to improve your vision and let you relax through this creative activity. 

Truth be told, reducing stress is not a one-way road. There are many ways for reaching meditative state or reducing anxiety. If you think that coloring is your way to get away from your daily stress, Madduck designed the perfect app for you.

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